Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Young Adults

Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Young Adults

The kids have had enough internet time, and you are looking for an outdoor activity that will keep them just as engaged. Since you recall the fun times you've had treasure hunting, you know it is a fun activity for you and your kids to enjoy, and you can play dress-up too while at it. Therefore, you set out to find the best metal detectors for kids, but there are quite a number of options in the market.

I am here to narrow down your options and help you pick the best there is. But first, what is a metal detector?

What Is a Metal Detector?

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As the name suggests, a metal-detecting device is one you use to find hidden metals. Before you enter the mall or a supermarket, security uses a metal detector to frisk your body. Similarly, a kids' metal detector finds metals.

I have listed the best metal detector options below.

Best Metal Detector

1) Otek Metal Detector for Kids and Adults

DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector for Adults & Kids Professional, Super Easy to Operate Waterproof Gold Detector, Pinpoint & Terrain Modes, One-Click Quick Matching, High Accuracy, 6 Modes, Lightweight
  • 【Exclusive Terrain Modes】This new metal detector offers 6 detection modes - 3 classic modes: All metal, DISC, and Pinpoint mode, - 3 Terrain modes: Pasture, Park, and Sand mode. One-click quick matching connects scenes with specific modes for improved accuracy, which allows you to detect more efficiently.
  • 【High Accuracy】The new advanced DSP chip is used to provide strong anti-interference ability so it greatly improves search range, sensitivity, and accuracy. You can detect precious metals more accurately, which helps you save lots of time.
  • 【Easy & Intuitive to Use】 Adjust various settings with simple long and short presses of a button. Easier to use than other models. Large LCD lets you instantly see the depth, recognition, and sensitivity level of any detected object. This gold metal detector can help you work faster to find far more treasures on every outing.
  • 【Waterproof Coil & Adjustable Stem】The 9.8" IP68 waterproof metal detector can tap rich deposits of metals, coins, and treasure in streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. (Note: the control box is not waterproof). With 39.4" to 48.3" adjustable stem, it’s suitable for beginners of all ages.
  • 【Great Metal Detector Accessory】The metal detector kit includes full accessories including premium headphones, portable waist bag, and durable edge digger. This is everything you need to start this exciting new hobby immediately. Ideal gift for birthday, holiday, retirement, and Christmas.

I bought this metal detector because it suits both adults and kids. I can use Otek for more serious finds and my young ones can use it for treasure hunting.

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The metal detector is waterproof and has a strong enough frequency to detect gold. The device further has up to six modes including the pin-point mode and the terrain mode. Dr. Otek is lightweight and one of the most sensitive real metal detectors on the market today.


  • Best kids' metal detectors
  • Lightweight
  • Adult and child's metal detector
  • Excellent for a wider variety of metals
  • Six search modes
  • Waterproof coil


  • Slightly expensive for a toy metal detector.

2) RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids - 7.4 Inch Waterproof Kid Metal Detectors Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil (24"-35") Adjustable Metal Detector for Junior & Youth with High Accuracy - Yellow
  • ⭐The best gift for kids⭐
  • ⭐WATERPROOF COIL FOR ALL PLACES⭐ - The search coil is designed to be 7.4 inches, which makes metal detecting more sensitive. Both the adjustable stem and coil (not include screen) are waterproof, which let you enjoy outdoor treasure hunts in all places (gardens, parks, beaches and forests, all health outdoor locations)
  • ⭐SAFE & LOVELY DESIGN FOR KIDS⭐ - Its lovely profile is designed both by professional industrial designer and kids visual designer. It perfectly fits children's aesthetic. Moreover, our Kids Metal Detector is made by harmless ABS plastic, totally no risk to your kids. Trust me, the metal detector for kids will get along well with your kids.
  • ⭐HIGH ACCURACY & CLEAR DETECTION⭐ - The 20% larger coil allows you to quickly cover the ground. Simply wave this high quality and lightweight detector over the ground to detect objects buried up to 4 inches below the surface. If there is any metal object, the arrow and signal symbol will appear on the screen, meanwhile, it sounds. The closer they are, the louder it sounds and the signal will be stronger.
  • ⭐LIGHTWEIGHT & ADJUSTABLE STEM⭐ - 24 to 35 inches height-adjustable stem adapts both children and adults. One press simply operation will let kids easily start metal finding. Lightweight and foldable search coil are exclusively designed for traveling or outdoor activities.

When finding a kids' metal detector, there are a few key features I look at and RICOMAX has them all. The device is lightweight, making it a great metal detector for a kid. What's better, the metal detector has an adjustable height, is easy to assemble, and has high accuracy. I find it to be one of the high-quality educational toys I have for my kids.

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  • Lightweight
  • High accuracy
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Waterproof coil


  • The detector has relatively fewer features on the LCD

3) PalliPartners Metal Detector

Metal Detector for Kids - 7.4 Inch Waterproof Kid Metal Detectors Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil (24"-35") Adjustable Metal Detector for Junior & Youth with High Accuracy
  • Widely Use :Perfect for finding metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal.(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)etc.can be used in science education
  • Design Features: Light weight,easy operation,comfortable handling ,ergonomic design,high sensitivity,comes with adjustable lightweight bracket.This metal detector is suitable for Adults/Kids.
  • DETECTION INDICATION:audio alert and lcd display indicate the detection of metal(6.10inch detector diameter,10-100cm detection depth),once metal is detected there's beep sound and lcd screen light to remind you.
  • Waterproof Search Coil:Audio alert and LCD display indicate the detection of metal. Waterproof Search Coil - You can use the metal detector in the shallow water with waterproof search coil.The product only needs to use one 9V battery to work. When it stops working for a long time, please remove the battery.
  • Safe & Lovely Children Design: Palli Partners always put safety as a priority. Our Kids Metal Detector is made by harmless ABS material, totally no risk to your kids, parents ompletely at ease. Moreover, the lovely profile is designed both by professional industrial designer and kids visual designer. It perfectly fits children's aesthetic. Trust me, the metal detector for kids will get along well with your kids.

The PalliPartners metal detector is one I liked because of its features. First, the detector can be used by both kids and older kids. Then, there are other features like the LCD display which sets it apart from other detectors. Detection indication on the device makes it more fun to use and increases the chances of making a find.

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The metal detector has a waterproof coil and is our favorite one to use at the beach.


  • Waterproof coil
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing metal detector for older and younger kids
  • Affordable
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Kid's aesthetic and design that a young adult may find hard to use, especially publicly.

4) SAKOBS Metal Detector for Kids

Metal Detector Waterproof High Accuracy: SAKOBS Lightweight Metal Detectors for Kids with IP68 Waterproof 8.6" Search Coil, DISC & All Metal Modes for Gold, Coin, Treasure Hunting (Yellow)
  • 💰HELPS PINPOINT WITH HIGH ACCURACY – Advanced 10-level sensitivity adjustment function of our metal detector helps you find your desired metal targets accurately in shortest time possible. An intelligent LED display of our gold detector works well in finding your lost valuables in the dark.
  • 💰IP68 WATERPROOF SEARCH COIL – SAKOBS waterproof metal detector with an 8.6" powerful coil and an advanced smart chip can detect underground metal 6.7" deep. Its IP68 waterproof technology enables you to find treasure at the depth of 16.5" in shallow water. Waterproof design with metal detector accessories makes it suitable for treasure hunting at seaside / beach or ponds.
  • 💰ALL METAL & DISC MODES FOR ACCURATE EXPLORATION – Featuring two operational modes, our upgraded metal detectors are designed to help you effectively find your desired treasure. ALL METAL mode helps identify different types of metals including coins, relics, jewelry, gold, copper, and silver while the DISC mode helps discriminate the specific metal being detected.
  • 💰ADJUSTABLE & ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – With 35” to 48” adjustable stem, our lightweight kids metal detector is a great metal detector for kids ages 8-12 as well as adults. Its lightweight construction, anti-slip handle, and forearm padding allow you to keep detecting for longer periods without any fatigue.
  • 💰A PERFECT GIFT FOR DETECTION ENTHUSIASTS – The adjustable rugged body and accurate functioning make SAKOBS metal detectors for adults and kids an ideal gift for treasure hunters and adventure lovers of any age and height. Best gifts for your parents, children, kids, friends, birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas.

High accuracy plus a waterproof coil is a great combination for any metal detector. SAKOBS has these features and more. The metal detector is disk-shaped for more accuracy on a metal target. The detector has an ergonomic design, making it an easier option for my kids to handle.

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  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof coil
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Great for treasure hunting


  • The metal detector is not suitable for kids younger than 8

5) HYTIREBY Metal Detector

Metal Detector for Kids - High Accuracy Kids Metal Detector with Backlit LCD Animation Display, 7.5 Inch Waterproof Search Coil, Adjustable (32"-40") Gold Detector for Junior & Youth Detecting Coin
  • 💛 Best Gift for Kids 5-15years💛- This kids metal detector has adjustable poles from 32" to 40", harmless ABS plastic,suitable for kids and teens of different heights. Great gift toy for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, New Years, boys and girls summer camp events. Childrens metal detectors are perfect for indoors, outdoors, beaches, parks, gardens, streams, soils, etc, Great 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 year old boy gifts
  • 💛 Buzzer and LCD Clear Detection 💛 - The metal detector pinpointer has a large adjustable backlit LCD screen with detection mode, sensitivity, battery status and charge level clearly displayed on the screen. If there are any metal objects, arrows and signal symbols will appear on the screen, and a sound will sound. The closer the distance, the louder the sound, the stronger the signal, and the treasure indication can be easily obtained outdoors! easily enjoy the treasure hunt
  • 💛 Underwater Metal Detector with Ergonomic Design 💛- The search coil is 7.5 inches, making metal detection more sensitive,handheld metal detector can detect coin-sized targets up to 5 inches deep. Armrests are designed to help you save effort, comfort and stress. We also offer backpacks, which are easy to carry when outdoors. (Note: Adjustable stem and coil (except control box) are completely waterproof)
  • 💛 Find Your Target Efficiently 💛 - The youth metal detector has 3 different modes, allowing you to quickly find the item you want. ❶“All METAL” mode - will notify you whenever any metal is found. ❷ “DISC” Mode: Distinguish unwanted targets.❸ “PINPOINT” mode - enables it to pinpoint the target. Just toggle the button and choose the model according to your needs. Please refer to the manual for specific operating instructions.
  • 💛 Simple to Use and Quick Reply 💛- A metal detector kit,including 1x Metal Detector Wand+ 2x Alkaline Batteries+ 1xBackpack+ 1xChildren's Shovel+ 1xChildren's Rake+ 1xColor Box+ 1xInstruction Manual. The retractable design means you don't need to assemble any complicated parts, just follow the steps in the manual and you can install it in 1 minute. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The thing that drew me most to this detector was the age range, which is 5-15 years old. The detector is colorful and makes for a great gift because it is affordable. There is a lot that it can find including most metals underwater. Furthermore, with three different modes, your options are unlimited. Finally, you can use an all-metal mode which is rare in other metal detectors.

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Use underwater
  • Waterproof coil


  • Too juvenile

Metal Detectors for Kids Buyer’s guide

Metal Detectors for Kids Buyer's guide

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a) Age

How old your kid is will determine the kind of metal detector you are going to get them. There is a junior metal detector for kids and more grown-up options. You can get your kids a not-so-junior metal detector to allow them to use it for a longer time as they grow up.

b) Digital Display

Metal detecting has evolved and there are some with an LCD display. You should consider detectors with an LCD over ones without. The LCD shows the detecting mode, how deep an object might be, battery level, sensitivity feel, overload warning, and more.

c) Waterproof Search Coil

Since the best search location is the beach, I would strongly suggest a waterproof search coil. Apart from the beach, there is a chance that the ground in your search area will be wet. From dew in the morning to swampy areas, a waterproof metal detector expands the scope of locations you can visit.

d) Adjustable Sensitivity

You need different sensitivity levels to detect different metals. Therefore, you need sensitivity control when treasure hunting as you are bound to find more metals. A metal detector with fixed sensitivity is good enough but one with an adjustable sensitivity is better.

The operating frequency is something else you should look for in a detector to determine the kinds of metals you find. A device with a high operating frequency will help you find a wider variety of metals.

e) Adjustable Backlights

If you have a metal detector in one hand, it might be a bit tricky to have a flashlight in the other, especially when working at night or in a dark place like an abandoned house. There are many situations when you will need the metal detector backlight.

f) Height

A very tall metal detector will be frustrating for the kid and a very short metal detector will be too taxing for an adult. The height is one of the first features I look at when buying a metal detector. If you find an option with an adjustable height, you are in luck.

g) Weight

Go for a detector with a light weight. If you are going to carry the device around for long periods, the weight should not be too much, especially for kids.

h) Depth Indicator

Depth Indicator

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If you want to know how deep an object is with a metal detector, find one with a depth indicator. The indicator saves you time and allows you to use the right tools at any given time.

i) Visual Target Identification

Look for metal detectors that have visual discrimination indication which helps isolate the type of metal you are dealing with. One with a discrimination control helps zero in on the metal you have found and displays the type on the screen.

j) Headphone Output

Headphones are useful when metal detecting and having a metal detector with output is the way to go. You can pick up on signals more easily when you are in a noisy place. Furthermore, you can keep your activities private and no one will know the exact moment you make a find.

k) Preset Ground Balance

Since some minerals in the soil respond to certain frequencies as a metal would, a preset ground balance isolates the frequency response of a target. Apart from minerals, wet sands cause this problem too. To help you find metals faster, get a detector with this feature.

l) Search Modes

There are metal detectors with up to four search modes. The different search modes help in zeroing in on a target. Here are the four modes in a nutshell:

a. Discrimination Mode

This is the mode that isolates a metal by avoiding other metals to help make high-value finds only.

B. All-Metal Mode

The all-metal mode is the mode that will signal any object as long as it is metallic.

C. Tone-Mode

This is the mode that uses a high tone for certain metals and a low tone for others. The tone mode is almost similar to the discrimination mode as it can give you different tones for different metals.

D. Target Mode

The target mode lowers the sensitivity of the metal detector to help pinpoint the target more accurately. This means that the device will not be able to pick up on metals unless they are very close.

NOTE: Metal detectors can come with some or all four modes.

m) Battery Power Indicator

Avoid metal detectors with no battery-power indicator as they might die out of the blue, cutting your adventure short. Additionally, the indicator helps you plan better.

n) Audio Signals

Find a metal detector with different audio tones that signify different frequencies and can help you know whether what you are detecting is worth looking at or not.

Where to Go Treasure Hunting

Where to Go Treasure Hunting

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  • Beaches

  • Backyard

  • Local Park

  • Old Houses

  • Local School

  • Local Church

What to Buy Alongside a Metal Detector

What to Buy Alongside a Metal Detector

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  1. Headphones

  2. Carry bag

  3. Shovels

  4. Sand-scoop

  5. Metal detector pin-pointer

  6. Gloves

  7. Sifter

FAQs about Kids Metal Detectors

FAQs about Kids Metal Detectors

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a) How can I encourage a child to start a metal detecting hobby?

One of the most interesting things I had to do when introducing my kid to metal detecting was seeding the area where we were to go treasure hunting. It is okay for a parent to ensure the kid finds something for the first few times, then switch to more authentic searches. this is one way to encourage the kids to pick up metal detecting at a young age.

The other way is to make the activity as much fun as possible for the kids. Do not hunt for a very long time, travel to an exciting location and bring snacks along. Having exciting gear makes the whole process worthwhile. Dressing up for the activity is fun too.

b) Is a metal detector safe for kids?

Most time, the metal detector is the least you have to worry about. The things a kid can find using the metal detector are worrying. The metal detector is safe as long as you are consistently monitoring the kid.

Choosing a relatively safe place to hunt for treasure might lead to safer results compared to just going anywhere with a metal detector. For instance, you are bound to find safer material on the beach than under a bridge on a riverbed.

Getting an entry-level metal detector is the best approach for younger kids because they are bound to discover less, significantly reducing the potential for a dangerous find.

c) What can a child expect to find with these models?

Kids can expect to find coins, jewelry, keys, old tools, random car parts, and boxes hidden in backyards. Most of the time, it is a surprise what you end up finding using an entry-level detector, let alone a professional one.

d) Are kids’ metal detectors just toys?

Depending on what you use it for, a metal detector can be just a toy, or it can be one of the most important things you have in your arsenal. For instance, when I was about to turn my backyard into a mini-garden, I used a metal detector for kids to ensure there are no metals before I started digging.

A simple metal detector can go a long way in finding things and solving mysteries.

e) Will my kid’s detector work at the beach?

The most popular place to use a metal detector is the beach. The beach is one of the most popular places for people to visit in any beach town and has the potential to have metal objects. Try to imagine how easy it is to lose an object at the beach. It is just as easy to find an object at the beach using a metal detector.

The sand is not too dense to keep a children’s metal detector from working. The beach is the first stop you should make as a treasure hunter with your kids.

f) Will my kid’s detector work in the water?

A metal detector works well under fresh water. In most cases, you will find a metal detector with a waterproof search coil. A metal detector will work both under salt and fresh water.

g) Will metal detectors for kids find gold?

There are metal detectors that will find gold, and those need to have higher frequencies than entry-level metal detectors. Gold has a relatively low conductivity and will not be detected by most metal detectors. If you are a professional treasure hunter, you definitely have the right equipment to help you find gold compared to a relatively cheap metal detector.

h) How fast will my child outgrow a kid’s metal detector?

Metal detectors are versatile toys that can be useful for an adult as well as a kid. The only way a kid can outgrow a metal detector is when they need a stronger one. Otherwise, a metal detector is one of those toys you keep coming back to as it has no age restriction (some have age limits, but not a restriction).

i) What cannot be detected by a kid’s metal detector?

Non-magnetic material will not be picked up by a metal detector. There are others like copper, lead-gold, aluminum, brass, and silver that will not stick to a magnet. Therefore, you metals you will find are magnetic metals.

The other materials you will never pick up with a metal detector are non-metals like wood, plastic, paper, glass, and so on.

j) What interferes with a metal detector for kids?

There is a low chance that your kids’ metal detector will get interference. However, there are a few things like radio waves that might interfere with a metal detector. An electromagnetic field can interfere with a metal detector as well, especially if there are electrical wires running on the ground. The chance that you will come across interference when working with a metal detector is low.

Rules and Tips when Metal Detecting with Kids

  • You can “plant” treasures to find for your kids when playing out in the yard. This is fun but do not do it often as lying to them is not too helpful.

  • You can let them know that you planted a treasure and whoever gets it first wins a prize.

  • Kids have a short attention span, therefore It is best to work within a given time than to stretch it out.

  • Snacks will be a great way to keep the kids going in their quest and snack breaks helps in regaining the energy lost during a search.

  • Do not bring kids into an abandoned home or somewhere unsafe. It is better to go to a familiar place for safety.

  • Have a buddy system to prevent anyone wandering off alone.

  • If there are more than two kids, it is better to have another adult around for supervision especially during breaks.

  • There is a need to point out the dos and Don’ts in a playground, like setting a perimeter that no one can exceed, and ensuring no one removes their safety gloves.

  • Safety gear helps avoid cuts, debris getting into the eye, and any dangerous situation.

  • You want the kids to bring everything they have found and a carry bag will come in handy.

Final Thoughts

Final Thought

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A metal detector is a great tool for fun and serious searches. My household has at least six of them and once every while, we go out treasure hunting. The most valuable thing we have found out there so far is the time spent together as a family in a fun and exciting way. 

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